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Cyd Toups

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 Cyd Toups Studio

Sincere and soulful works emanate from a life spent surrounded by waterways and estuaries near the Louisiana coast.
2018 poster

2018 Poster

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Becky Ford Jewelry Designs

Hand crafted bracelets, necklaces & earrings by Becky Ford Jewelry Designs located in Thibodaux, LA. You will find everything from beaded jewelry, tassel designs, religious pieces, tribal designs, leather pieces, pearl creations, charm jewelry, pave’ pieces and dainty layered pieces.
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Dear Boutique

Serious Comfort Junkies! Relaxed Trends | Styles | Fashion - Thibodaux's Newest Boutique
Featuring: Shop N Shop with Ginger & Bee Bath Boutique!
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Stacey Fabre

I was born an artist! I’ve never lost that wonder and awe of creating something from a blank canvas. I graduated from Nicholls State as a Graphic Artist in 1999. I enjoy the freedom of painting with a palette knife verses brushes. I’m inspired by the bright colors and heavy textures that can be achieved in impasto style (heavy texture) of painting. This 3 dimensional painting style is a sculptural form of painting. Every angle you view the painting from you will see something differently. The way the light cast shadows off of the peaks and valleys of the textured paint are something you can not achieve in a traditional painting style. Before I discovered a passion for painting I already had a passion for pencil drawing. I love drawing the details of the hair and textures in the clothes, but above all I find that connection with the eyes. My goal in a drawing is to engage the viewer with the eyes of the subject. I hope you enjoy viewing my works as much as I have enjoyed creating them. If you are interested in having me create something for you send me an e-mail at
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String Theory: Guitar String Jewelry

Amanda Wells is the wife of a wonderful musician whose three daughters grew up to be musicians as well. Being the only person in the family to not actually play music, she decided to direct her creative efforts toward something music-related that could also put her own talents and interests to work. She began toying with a set of her husband’s guitar strings one April morning, turned it into a gorgeous bracelet, and a buzz began circulating all over Facebook once she posted photos of her new hobby. Needless to say, that hobby very quickly turned into a business venture that has grown tremendously ever since.

By August of 2013, business had grown so much that Amanda could no longer do it alone. Her middle daughter, Hillary Wells, left her job at an advertising firm to pursue the entrepreneurial dream alongside her mom. Hillary now designs, creates, and markets full time for String Theory Jewelry.

Together, Amanda and Hillary have created a stunning line of embellished bracelets and rings that combine musical flavor with feminine boutique style.
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Martee Artwork

I consider myself blessed to have had parents that raised my four siblings and me in a nurturing environment that placed a high value on learning and fostered exploration and risk taking. We were not afraid to try to do anything for our parents told us we could do it all. We made huge messes, painting and drawing so that our creative works filled the house. How did this affect me? I have no doubt that it has fostered creativity and an excitement to explore, to imagine, and to learn.
My formal education consist of a BS in Elementary Education from Nicholls State University and a Masters of Gifted Education from Louisiana State University. My husband and I have been married for 39 years and reside in Thibodaux, LA. I was blessed to devote many of those years to raising my four children, developing our family-owned construction business and enjoying family and home.
As an empty nester, I found myself twice blessed when I renewed my passion for the arts. Since then I have learned from renowned artists such as Linda Baker, Alvaro Castagnet, Eugen Chisnicean, Carol Hallock, Elizabeth Blaylock, Tanya Dischler, Lien Q. Zhen, Robert Guthrie, Pio Lyons, Nancy Medina, Don Andrews, Shelby Keefe, Eric Weigart, Mary Whyte, David Taylor,Paul Jackson,Ian Steward, Robert Burridge. I concentrated on gaining experience and developing my expertise as an artist painting in watercolor, acrylic, and oil.
I have a private studio/gallery in my backyard surrounded by my garden. It is here, that the view from my studio windows inspires me to capture the essence of God’s beauty through the use of color, light, and emotion.
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Southern Rhoades Apothecary

Growing up in Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas, Jessica wandered in the footsteps of her father, a wildlife biologist. Thanks to the natural world surrounding her earliest memories, she developed a profound respect for nature and ecological conservation.
In 2002, Jessica moved to New Orleans and attended Loyola University.  After graduation, she began working at the Garden Trellis, a nursery and floral shop.  Over the next few years, she firmly established a passion for and expertise with the Southern garden.
Today, Jessica continues her journey exploring how the environment impacts our health and happiness.  She sustains an organic herbal, citrus, fruit, and vegetable garden with her husband and dog in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Many of the Southern Rhoades ingredients are cultivated within the confines of this magical year-round growing space.
Sarah k kreations

Sarah K Kreations

Sarah Hebert is a self-taught artist from Houma, Louisiana. She uses mainly a neutral color palette with a focus on texture to bring out the uniquely beautiful details in her southern Louisiana-inspired works.
Sarah says, “Recently, I really starting expressing my love for architecture, especially New Orleans architecture. I can’t take a trip to the city without obsessing over the gorgeous buildings anywhere from the French quarter, to the colorful shotgun homes, to the stunning uptown gallery style homes.”
“Not only does the architecture majorly inspire my work, but the culture ties everything together in making New Orleans the city that it is. Of course, I can’t resist painting Louisiana’s beautiful magnolias or good ‘ol seafood, like oysters and crabs, that is obviously a HUGE part of the culture here.”
Sarah hopes to express in her artwork that there’s so much more than solely “the Louisiana swamps”, that she feels so many people stereotype the state to be. Sarah’s aspiration is to create these southern pieces for people to enjoy as a reminder of the uniqueness their home state has to offer.
Pier punks

Pier Punks Fishing Apparel

Pier Punks Saltwater Apparel is an exciting, new lifestyle brand which originated from a love of fishing the Gulf of Mexico. Our signature “tuna” logo is a unique mark identified by a rapidly growing number of fishermen. We strive to deliver high quality gear for both on and off the water with a desire to exhibit our passion for fishing.
Pier Punks began in 2004 as a fish cleaning business in Grand Isle, Louisiana. To this day, Pier Punks continues to provide hard working anglers/boat owners relaxation after a long day of trolling baits or dropping down for grouper. Although the Pier Punks company has been passed down to a younger group of fish cleaning fools, it continues to grow with the many anglers who identify with being a Pier Punk.
Maria boudreaux

Maria Boudreaux

 Maria Boudreaux is a self-taught artist born and raised in southeast Louisiana. Maria started commercially painting murals, faux finishes and turning the ordinary into extraordinary. However, creating works of art on canvas has always been her first love.

   All of her mix-media paintings are an indication of the talent of this artist who wants to share her skills with others.  She hosts sip and paint classes and summer art camps for grade school students.  Her personality brings the artist out in everyone with her live painting events as onlookers join in the creation of a masterpiece. With a variety of textures and mediums used, her paintings capture the essence of southern gulf coast charm in a style as unique as Maria.

Soap & Co.

Demi Danielle Robinette is a 2017 graduate of De La Salle High School and currently attends the University of New Orleans. She comes from a generation of entrepreneurs and started her first company at the age of 13 after becoming CPR certified. Demi started making soap because she was born with contact dermatitis and was limited to only using one brand of soap growing up. Her products are made for all skin types. She believes soap is an everyday essential needed to "Feel Good, Live Well". 
Tipsi chicken

Tipsy Chicken

Tipsy Chicken, LLC. Interior painting, cabinet and furniture refinishing, custom cypress signs, etc....

Jessica Kilgen Cassel

All original art and photography of nature and all things beautiful in South Louisiana showcasing Lafourche Parish.
Classic vinyls

Classic Vinyls

If you’re like us and still love the sound of vinyl albums, then Classic Vinyls is for you.  Classic Vinyls is devoted almost exclusively to vinyl records, whether they’re 33’s, 45’s, or even the rare 78’s.  We have a huge inventory of vinyl from such artists as Elvis Presley, Kiss, Waylon Jennings, Led Zeppelin and many more.  Of course, we also have a large selection of older albums, including Buck Owens, The Animals, Chet Atkins and The Beatles.
We also have a fantastic collection of 45’s, many with their original picture sleeves, featuring artists such as Madonna, The Jacksons, Willie Nelson and many more.  When it comes to music, there truly is something for everyone at Classic Vinyls.  From early rock and roll, to the legendary seventies and eighties, we have music to suit nearly every taste.
Most of the records are vintage and have been previously owned; however, all have been cleaned, carefully stored and come encased in protective plastic sleeves. No record will ever be sold without a sleeve or plastic cover because at Classic Vinyls, we believe in taking care of our records.  Please note that any issues with either the vinyl or the covers will be clearly noted in the record description and priced accordingly.  We are not professional graders, however, but will describe any issues to the best of our abilities.
And because Classic Vinyls is all about the music, we also have a large selection of CD’s, and even some cassettes and vintage 8-track tapes!  
Nola boards1

NOLA Boards

NOLA BOARDS is a homegrown, handcrafted cutting board, countertop, & custom furniture business located in the historic French Quarter in New Orleans.  Wanting to combine their talents, Mandy Simpson & her husband Daren Sumrow of New Orleans Woodworking teamed up in 2014 to create these one of a kind pieces of functional art. 
CUTTING BOARDS~Mandy, a native of New Orleans & owner of NOLA BOARDS designs & names each cutting board. Inspired by the staples of the southern food she was raised with and the landmarks she has been surrounded by, the boards have been given names like ‘ROUX,’ ‘the TRINITY,’ and ‘the MARIGNY TRIANGLE.’ Daren & his crew help to fabricate the boards in his woodshop. What started as a way of using up scrap wood from Daren’s shop after the custom furniture, cabinetry, and restaurant build-outs he has done, NOLA BOARDS has now grown into a full-scale operation
A variety of domestic & exotic hardwoods are used to make their products including Louisiana Sinker Cypress in the 'ATCHAFALAYA.' No scrap is left behind and new products are continually being added to the mix.
After each cutting board is sanded to a smooth finish, all of them are soaked with a food-grade mineral oil to condition the wood.  This brings out the rich colors and unique wood grain in each one. To complete the process, a combination of mineral oil and beeswax made by local bees & their beekeeper at Fleur de Bees is added to seal the wood.
COUNTERTOPS~The same woods used for the cutting boards are also used in the various countertop & kitchen island projects NOLA BOARDS has done. Custom designs are their specialty! Look no further to create that perfectly warm asthetic in your dream kitchen.
FURNITURE~ "It's so exciting to work with a client from start to finish on a piece of furniture that will be in their home for many, many years! If you can dream it, we can build it," says Daren.
NOLA BOARDS opened the doors to their first retail shop in March of 2016 in the Uptown area of New Orleans followed by a second location in the french Quarter in July of 2017. They can also be found in a variety of art markets and retail shops around town.
4 seas

4 Seas Fisheries

My collection of art is inspired by what we in South Louisiana know and love, our Sportsman’s Paradise. As a licensed charter fishing captain, I consider myself to be quite the fishing enthusiast! These wooden creations are an expression of my passion for the sport of fishing. It is an honor like no other to share this excitement with my clients. It’s as amazing as reeling in that prized catch!
Yall catcin

Y'all Catchin'

Down South, we do it better! Whether it’s the hospitality, the food, the music, the’s just better. Y’all Catchin’ celebrates all things local and carries on a lifestyle that is matched by none.
It’s not what ya say, it’s how ya say it...
It’s not what ya do, it’s how ya do it...
There’s only one way we know how...
The Cajun Way!

BB's Eclectic Creations

BB's Eclectic Creations is a unique blend of one-of-a-kind art using found objects and reclaimed materials to create functional lamps.
Robin bell

Robin Bell

Robin is best known for her photography of dogs in famous New Orleans bars and restaurants. Most recently, a lifelong interest in the transformation of old, used, and discarded materials, has inspired her current work in abstract and geometric designs. “The used materials awaken my fascination with the possibilities of making something that is visually appealing, feels good, and might otherwise have ended up in a landfill.”
Robin grew up overseas. She attended LSU earning a BA in Psychology and minor in Art History. She went on to Nicholls, receiving a Specialist in School Psychology.  She has worked as a School Psychologist, for 26 years.  
Happy kajun art

Happy Kajun Art

Elrin " Peanut" Fanguy Jr, life  long resident of Chauvin and self taught artist. Only Art background was at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office where I was the composite artist. Certified by the FBI after attending the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia for Advanced Composite Art. Started painting with acrylics about 9 years ago and paint mostly Louisiana Themed swamp scenes, fish, birds, etc. I am Retired and love painting in the morning drinking my coffee. I do many local and out of town and state festivals and shows. I enjoy spreading my art and making people happy .